Some comments from clients around the world:

I can't say enough about your technical skills and expertise, how you transform ones idea into an expression, you are a magician and a mind-reader.
Many talk about building websites but only deliver a buckets full of sand. You build skyscrapers!

Ari Dornbusch. Lincoln Park, NJ

OH MY GOD, this is absolutely beautiful!!!
I am very very satisfied, this is exactly what I wanted. I also appreciate your super fast response time. Thank you so much.

Yuko Montgomery. Washington, DC.

Luis is an excellent webdesigner & developer, trustworthy (important with 10.000 miles between both of us).
Always on time and available no matter which timezone you are.

Sacha Berlik. Cologne, Germany.

In a world where so many web designers have poor work habits, Luis has consistently been on time, within budget and takes direction. He has done at least fifteen projects for me and is my go-to guy when I need something done on the web.

Bruce Haring. Los Angeles, CA.

Luis helped me create a new image for my company through a new website. I have seen a 300% increase since we have launched it! I am very pleased with the product and the service I received.

Aric Budden. Phoenix, AZ.

Luis designed my website and was excellent at interpreting my wishes into a professional design, provided numerous amendments and was always extremely fast to reply to my questions.

Steve Ramage, Hong Kong, China

Wow! I am very impressed with your work... I have received 5 or 6 replies to reference checks. All are very excellent, stating that you are easy to work with, reliable and you are an exceptionally talented developer.

Rosemary Coates. San Jose, CA.

Luis is very professional in his work and is attentive to the needs of the customer. He uses feedback constructively and is very good to inform and document his work. His skills are great and we will definitely use his services again.

Danial Hoydal. Copenhagen, Denmark.

Amazing experience...He's fantastic...He went above and beyond to get the design exactly right. Incredibly easy to work with, very responsive with impressive turnaround time! We'll definitely work with him in the future and HIGHLY recommend him.

Marley Castillo. Beverly Hills, CA.

I like your design sense and technical skills.
Your work is fresh and thoughtful... I love it.
...Great, this brings it to another level, thanks very much.

Ted Hearne. Chicago, IL.

Luis is very prompt in his responses and is very willing to work with someone very inexperienced in website knowledge.I highly recommend him to everyone but especially to those who, like me, need that extra bit of help.

Trudy Boynton. Lenexa, KS.

The works that you have done are impressive. I really appreciate your can-do attitude.
I think you are very talented, and I like your work. The site you set up for me is very well done, and professional looking.

Andrew Liu. San Jose, CA.

I like your work... unique and original. Thanks Luis for my website. I am very pleased....It looks great. I love it.
You did a great job and I am really impressed.

Sheree R. Curry. Minneapolis, MN.

...WOW! that was quick and you got the idea. Thank you for your fast response... You did a great job!
...I'm a big fan, you have come thru nicely

Kriss Linder. Weehawken, NJ.

It looks fabulous! I got a call from someone who had seen my site and asked if you were good. I told him that you were wonderful to work with, very professional and creative!!

Cynthia Press. Boca Raton, FL.