A little bit about me

With 25+ years of IT consulting and programming experience, I've worked with private and public sector companies, from software development to personnel training, helping businesses spanning across multiple industries located in the USA, Mexico, Australia, Asia and Europe.

I have done design and programming projects using Web standards such as HTML, JavaScript,CSS and AJAX as well as .NET, PHP and classic ASP. My previous works include Intranets, Dynamic Websites, Social Networks, Portals, Blogs, Wikis, E-comm sites, Web Services and other apps.

Things I've learned


Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer.


Microsoft Certified
Professional + Internet.


Microsoft Certified Professional.


Other Courses:

Developing Business Processes with MS BizTalk.


Programming with C#.


SAP ABAP Workbench Fundamentals.


Creating & managing Web Server
using MS IIS.


Course 688.
Internetworking with MS TCP/IP.


Course 578.
Networking Essentials.


Academic Degree:


Master of Science.
Oregon State University.


Things I've done

I've been working with computers since the Apple II arrived. Programming, maintaining and supporting administrative applications first and later for the Web, including design and development of intranets, portals, blogs e-comm sites, EDI and more.

Experienced with many programming languages, from arcane ones like Fortran and Pascal to the latest HTML5/CSS3 as well as .NET and PHP. My past works feature POS systems, Payroll applications, Accounting software, ERP, etc.

I've done IT consulting for private and public companies as well as government and non-profit organizations and on the academic side, I've taught college and graduate level courses as well as corporate training.

Stuff I work with

My IT skills include web design and development in a variety of languages and tools with
both front-end and back-end experience. Some of them are:

Programming Languages

  •  HTML5,CSS3
  •  AJAX
  •  JavaScript
  •  VBScript
  •  SQL
  •  Classic ASP
  •  .NET
  •  Visual Basic
  •  PHP

Programming Tools

  •  Bootstrap
  •  Wordpress
  •  Microsoft Visual Studio
  •  Microsoft SourceSafe
  •  Microsoft SQLServer
  •  Microsoft BizTalk Server
  •  Microsoft Access
  •  Microsoft FrontPage
  •  Adobe Firework
  •  SAP Workbench
  •  jQuery
  •  mySQL